Personal Background

Lived in six states growing up (Kentucky, Minnesota, Washington, New Jersey, West Virginia, Delaware). My father was a chemical engineer for DuPont, which had an unfortunate propensity, in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s, to transfer executives from plant to plant around the country.

Entered Bowdoin College in the fall of 1960. Most of the serious students at Mount Pleasant High School (Delaware) opted for single-sex colleges in those days, and Bowdoin, all-male until 1972, proved to be a fine choice.


Always been an avid reader. My mother, a Wellesley graduate who worked for Life magazine way back in the 1930’s, used to give my brother, sister and me a nice incentive to read in the summer: 25 cents for each 100 pages completed. What began as a job, of sorts, became a lifelong passion.

Always enjoyed writing, although I didn’t begin to find my writing voice until Bowdoin, thanks to some inspiring English, Philosophy and Religion professors.

Along with reading and writing, my personal interests include theater, running, travel, and sharing good times with good friends.

On other personal fronts:

  • Assistant Secretary on the Board of Trustees at Bowdoin College
  • Board Member of the Carpenter’s Boat Shop in Pemaquid, Maine
  • Commodore of the Mere Point Yacht Club
  • “Host parent” to a Bowdoin student
I have one wife (Tina), two sons (David III and Jon), two stepsons (Ed and Andy) and five grandchildren (David IV, Karis, Emma, Sosie, and Tess).