Random Thoughts

Good writing is good thinking.

Without a hurt the heart goes hollow. (From The Fantastiks)

Give me a person who practices the Golden Rule over one who professes “family values” any day of the week.

If you meet someone who’s a slave to being seen with the “right” people, beat feet.

To write well is to write without fear. The same can be said for singing or dancing or making art of any kind.

There’s nothing more beautiful than a child being caught in the act of being herself.

Humor matters.

To each his Dulcinea. (From The Man of La Mancha)

Love has no rules.

In a war, everyone loses.

The best companion I ever had was a Black Lab whose diet included dead seals and frozen rats. Go figure.

Creativity is a great antidote to depression.

Life isn’t fair.

Live each day.